Established in 1996

The Franco-American Women's Institute
2021 was the 25th Anniversary of FAWI!
L'Institut des femmes franco-américaines

  The Franco-American Women's Institute is an organization of women who gather together as a force for the specific purpose of promoting Franco-American, ethnic women's voices. The Franco-American Women's Institute is also an archival place or a recording place. The women come together in many forms of presentation, body, soul and creative spirit, as Franco-American women--Québécois, Acadian, Métis, Mixed Blood, French Canadian, 'Cajun, Creole and Huguenot--in a way which encourages them to be voiced while collecting a record of their and their maman's existence. Daughters, mamans, and mémères. 

  Franco-Americans are the ancestors of an important and large genealogical group located on the North American continent. These women live in pockets of communities throughout the Northeast and elsewhere. Here in Maine several communities have been chez-nous for Franco-Americans for more than the past 150 years.


Unfortunately, you cannot actively participate with FAWI on Facebook as the site has been hacked by a criminal who thinks women do not have a right to have a voice.

--Rhea Côté Robbins, Founder and Director
Author of Wednesday's Child
--Franco-American memoir
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2021 wass the 25th Anniversary of FAWI!

FAWI Focuses on These Fine Works.
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Heliotrope--French Heritage Women Create is completed!

Heliotrope--French Heritage Women Create
The Franco-American Women's Institute ( celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2021.

Now closed: Call for creative works--written, art, photography, craft!

Working title: Inspired, Inspiring, Inspire--French Heritage Women Create!

The Franco-American Women's Institute ( celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2021. The Franco-American Women's Institute promotes the contributions of the French heritage women's lives--past, present and future through its online presence and publishing their creativity. For FAWI's 20th Anniversary, there was a publication of written works and visual arts to mark the present, active, creative lives of the women of the French heritage culture.

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